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Message Subject UHOH...12-03-12 Planet alignment SAME 10,900 B.C. Egypt AND Velokovski's "Collision?"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Just finished watching that 2 hr 30 min video of Hancock's embedded on page 6 of this thread.

Mind blowing is a vast understatement. The fact that roughly 10,500 BC comes up time and time again, from one ancient civilization to another, is simply amazing.

Now, the only think Graham did not speculate on was exactly who this ancient civilization was. There are some clues:

a) highly advanced - especially in astronomy/astrology, mathematics, measurements, and sea-faring navigation.

b) were on an island surrounded by sea prior to the melting of the ice caps/end of ice age

c) were fair-skinned and bearded

d) came on ships that did not require paddles (ie, used sails)

Now ... and this is only mere speculation on my part without doing any research at this point ... but could these ancient peoples who spread their knowledge to all these ancient civilizations be those of Atlantis? Is there any idea of when Atlantis and Mu were in their hayday?
 Quoting: OnTheFence

I have a post on this, I remember my Father, (a scientist) being fair skinned and bearded. and I lived on a house ship . Oops, I meant UFOs..

I thought you were mentioning the Elohim..

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