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Message Subject UHOH...12-03-12 Planet alignment SAME 10,900 B.C. Egypt AND Velokovski's "Collision?"
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

I have a scarab pendant that I keep around too, and yes that dream about graduation was intense I remember fighting tooth and nail to keep from going back to school( this dream was recurring and progressive as well , like a linear life and I was 43 when it started) but consciously gave into ok I must need to do this. then I was in 1st grade again as an adult. the would skip a few grades and before the cap and gown scene I distinctly remember how I felt getting to the 12th grade... but like I said I now know why . IN the last 7 years I have educated myself in many things. Gone down the rabbit hole and have found my nirvana . I finally get it !!!
Wishing that all others would too but being told what it is isnt the same as finding it out for yourself. I feel like a kid again :)

psst the egyptians knew about longevity and the thymus gland

[link to www.tapintoheaven.com]
 Quoting: >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<

Do you know much about the Scarb? You know
Carl Jung, the Psychologist (protege of Freud)
really loved the scarab. He had a personal
deja vu and synchroncity event with the scarab
beetle in his practice. A woman who had been
troubled came in for therapy and told Jung that
she had dreamed a "strange dream" about a Scarab
Beetle. He was just jotting notes down on his
notebook when he just happened to look around
and, of course, what did Jung see on the window
....a scarb beetle. He based some of his more
mystical beliefs around that experience....something
about "mass conscious manifestation"--where there
is some connection between when a thing appears
and when a conscious being THINKS about that "thing."
Pretty powerful sign....that's why I like it for
my Avatar. It's shape in many stylized versions
is EVERYWHERE and may be one of the most common
symbols beside the cross and the sun.
Interesting, huh?

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