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Message Subject UHOH...12-03-12 Planet alignment SAME 10,900 B.C. Egypt AND Velokovski's "Collision?"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That is true, MALDEK is the missing sphere of DAAT in the sepiroth

The one to come is or will come down via a falling star. Like a piece of asteroid blazing thru the sky

This is why the UN has a chunk of it in their meditation room.

Kaaba stone as well..

A star has gone forth from Jacob...

"Then the 7th window will open in the entire world, and its star is Kochav Yaakov, and this is the one about which Bilaam said a star shoots forth from Yaakov, and this star will be luminous for 40 days and 40 nights." (Zohar)

makes me think of Jupiter the last month..

 Quoting: tarfonwxx


BTW, heres Jupiter...


Apollo since DAAT means knowledge when Maldek was destroyed so was our internal ancestral link where we automatically were linked to ancestral knowledge correct? so every so often now they have to send a new connection from our ancestral link ? Is that the reason for meteorite impacts and such to re-insert knowledge on the planet again by panspermia ?

 Quoting: >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<

Flutterby..good question.. disembodied spirits are not as mobile as we think. When their planet blew up. they would have had to cling to something before they could have made it into a better atmosphere to continue their incarnations.

That is what falling stars are. That is why we pray after a falling star or make a wish. Its a Maldekian soul falling to earth to incarnate and making a wish should be to bless them a succesful transition into a new body

They will incarnate and become teachers and heal the loss thru their teaching and their service to humanity..
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