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Subject The Rise of a New World Order: China, Russia, BRICS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know theres a couple of threads regarding this topic right now.

I feel this long ass article really deserves its own thread.

Great information being relayed, and quite an amazing read.

From the article:

"Accordingly, yes, China and Russia do not want to see armed conflicts anywhere, because conflicts ‘feed’ the US Empire. They keep it going, keep it justified, and give it opportunities. Take Syria for example. Calm in Syria would not benefit the US, NATO, the Zionists, or US-led globalism. Calm allows the Syrian state to strengthen itself on the basis of its own resources – with or without reforms, depending on the domestic political situation. Syria could speak to the globalist hegemonists from the position of at least being in control of Syrian space – and, indeed, with the friendship of Russia and China, too. That is bad news for the West. But the West can benefit from Islamist insurgency, guerrilla warfare, and political unrest in the country. All those allow the US to meddle in the country – to ‘protect the victims’ to ‘support democracy’ and what not else."

[link to freearabvoice.org]
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