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Message Subject The Rise of a New World Order: China, Russia, BRICS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
China Wants Its Own New World Order To Oppose The US Version:

""Fighting terrorism needs to address both its symptoms and root caused" he said. "... An important prerequisite in this connection is to resolve the question of development and narrow the gap between the (global) North and the South."

He concluded his speech by making clear China did not believe the current world order could produce lasting peace and prosperity, and that it was ready to establish far-reaching ties with other nations to create a "fair and equitable new world order" that would.

"China is ready to strengthen its coordination and cooperation with all other countries in the conduct of international affairs, security included, and work vigorously toward a world that enjoys lasting peace and universal prosperity with a fair and equitable new international order," he said."

[link to rense.com]
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