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Message Subject misguided pro-choice nation ~ modern scan shows baby yawning in the womb
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Debauchery said:"Just because the lowlifes that created the children do not want them that doesn't mean they are unwanted.

That's a real shit argument in favor of abortion.

Someone, somewhere will want that unborn child."

NO ONE wants an Unborn child.
NO ONE wants it even after it is born.
Get real.
There are simply too many people in the world and human life is no longer precious.
Just like anything else.
When it is scarce it is valuable.
When it is common no one cares.

How about all those kids roaming the streets without supervision of any kind? Do they look wanted to you?

And in South America, there are thousands of Feral Children.
Their mothers kick them out of the house when her 5th baby arrives because she cannot take care of them all.
They become such a nuisance that the police kill them.
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