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Message Subject Obamacare -- A Physician’s New Reality: Patients Ask Me to Break the Law
Poster Handle Phade2Blak
Post Content
My brother (who is an internist/nephrologist) told me that it is unbelievable what Obamacare is requiring that they glean from their patients for their "electronic files". Basically it comes down to this: the gov't is gonna know who can afford private insurance and will force them to spread their wealth to those who chose not to contribute by charging the privateers astronomical premiums/costs.
He is sick about it.
He was forced to install a $18,000 electronic system to cowtow to Obamacare, and they make it almost impossible to qualify for reimbursement costs. What a crock!!
He said he is going to retire soon (he is in his prime) b/c there is no more freedom for supposedly free-enterprise (which is why he started his own private practice to begin with.)
He will be laying off 6 honest office workers as a consequence. Thanks, Obama! Your care is at work!
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