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Message Subject Say YES to God and NO to masturbation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God hates when you touch yourself more than anything. If you continue to touch yourself and turn your back on God, he will soon turn his back on you. You will be given the everlasting life you deserve, in HELL. Even children do not get a pass from God on this disgusting sin. If you wish to walk forever with our Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven, you can not touch yourself EVER. Please remember that and don't be surprised when you burn forever in the afterlife.
 Quoting: TRUE Believer 28363197

So god is going to burn people alive in unending screaming sadistic agony without mercy..pity..compassion..or letup...even young children..for failing to resist an URGE HE created them with?

Whats it LIKE to be THAT EVIL?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16987500

You are the evil my son. God is the creator, the light, the truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28363197

Yes..he created my urges..my sex drive..the NEED to empty the balls once in a while...and for THAT URGE which HE PLANNED AND IMPLEMENTED INTO ME>.he is going to have me TORTURED in agony forever and ever..ALL in his great wisdom..forknowlede and perfect forgiving merciful compassionate LOVE.

He tortured himself to death on a cross to FORGIVE us our sins..but he just could NOT cover THAT one..the one he CREATED us with..and fully intends to forgo the blood of the cross in order to burn us all alive for having sexual urges HE FORCED ON US.

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