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Message Subject Say YES to God and NO to masturbation
Poster Handle Spine monkey
Post Content
Let's put an end to this Onan Idiocy once and for all.

God's command was for Onan to impregnate his brother's wife. God commanded him to "go in unto" her. Meaning to have sex with her and, it is expected, to get her pregnant. Instead, Onan pulls out and ejaculates on the ground. He has sex with her, but doesn't inseminate her. THAT is his transgression. Not wacking off.

I mean, think about it, why would Onan go inand masturbate in front of his brother's wife and then ejaculate on the ground and leave. WHY??? That makes no sense.

Onan pulled out, practiced coitus interruptus. He obeyed the letter of what God had commanded, but not the SPIRIT.

God punished him for disobedience, not masturbation.

I don't know how many young men have been guilted into lives of misery and guilt over this misinterpretation. Hell, it's not even a misinterpretation. THAT would involve some thinking. THIS is just idiocy with an agenda. Control.

The Onan passage is the ONLY passage in the bible that has EVER been cited specifically to prohibit masturbation. And it is WRONG. You cannot find another passage on the topic. END of STORY.
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