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Message Subject Say YES to God and NO to masturbation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Romans 6:15

No, we should strive to not sin, but guess what? You, me and every other person from Adam forward sins...it's our nature since the fall of man.

Don't worry, God is not suprised when we sin. Some "believers" claim that they do not sin. They are making God a liar in that case. For those who claim to be believers and that they don't sin, just check yourself against 1 Cor. 13. Are you always patient and kind? Ever lust or envy? Keep records of others wrong doings? Read the whole chapter. We in our human efforts fail pretty much continually.

There must be a complete understanding of the old vs. new covenants. The old has gone; Christ ushered in THE new covenant. We are living under the new. He was the only person who could fulfill the law.
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