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Message Subject Say YES to God and NO to masturbation
Poster Handle Manu-Koelbren
Post Content
For instance, it wouldn't be comfortable and convenient for the fantatic religtard to have to kill most of his neighbors and family by fully obeying Leviticus' laws so he disregards them saying that Jesus Christ brought a new covenant and those laws are not necessary anymore. But if the religtard doesn't like homosexuals then he will quote Leviticus and Deuteronomy and all those old books anyway as well as any other little law that the religtard wishes to implement. And when asked they will quote Jesus saying that the law won't pass away until the end of times.

In conclusion there's always some way to justify some shit you want to implement while forbidding something you're against using the Bible, and nothing really needs to make sense, you just pick and choose and make up justifications along the way.
 Quoting: Manu-Koelbren

So then why is there so mutch hate on homo sexuals, from non religius people?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28383571

People, religious or not, will always hate, because people naturally find some things repulsive. The gay dislike was always there, now they have subsided it a bit with the new Marxist indoctrination but they won't be able to stifle it forever. I do not know why gays are hated so much but it may have to do with the fact that they're seen as contrary to the traditional family unit that has held civilization together for many thousands of years. People see them as a threat to the fabric of society, and they did back then too when the Levites wrote their myths.
 Quoting: Manu-Koelbren

you are so full of shit. "gays have subsided with the marxist indoctrination" what the fuck is that supposed to mean? do you even know any gay people or for that do you even know any marxists? i am a liberal and hang out with alot of gays and i dont know any marxists. you fear gays because they threaten your masculinity and deep down you have something to hide. get over it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27933314

You're so full of fail sheepy, I am not even wasting my time, buy yourself some reading comprehension whenever you can.
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