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Message Subject Israel losing battle of words on social media.BIG TIME!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Very interesting!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28387645

You're telling me a country of 6 million Jews and no natural resources.... maybe losing a Propaganda War against 1.6 billion fanatics with unlimited oil-wealth.... and backed by another billion + neo-Nazi, Marxists, Progressive "useful idiots", Paul Tards, conspiracy dorks and other assorted sychophants, all of whom evidently hope that once the Islamic Beast destroys Israel and takes over, they won't get anally gang-raped by Muslims too often & that their Dhimmi Tax won't be quite as high.....

So it's a battle between 6 million Jews and 3 billion hater-c*nts. And Jews have been hanging for 60+ years.

Which is a small miracle in and of itself. Even Spartans never faced such odds.

And of course, Spartans were only food for fighting, while Jews are AWESOME at everything.

Am Isroel Chai, motherfuckers. Samson Option. LOL.
 Quoting: ASV 28394405

Dont forget the liberal scums of the earth, traitor of their race, Jews in hollywood.
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