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I recently bought the new Guinness Draught in bottles and what a disappointment. I have been drinking this for quite a while now. I guess for money and profits they had to make a change.

They removed the Widget in the bottle. In turn it has changed the pouring process into the glass, doesn't set up the same and the taste has changed.

I wrote to Guinness in Dublin, Ireland and received a response. Their comment said that there was no change in the product and we should drink it directly from the bottle. "WRONG". This was made to be enjoyed from a GUINNESS PINT GLASS FROM DUBLIN IRELAND.

They also said the canned Guinness still has the widget in it and will taste the same as the bottle.

HOWEVER, these new bottles they are using that are widget-less have killed me a little bit inside. I feel that the pours are always thin, there is always little to no head, very minimal cascading effect if any and ultimately I have found this to be a significantly less "creamier" experience.

I am deeply saddened that Guinness has gone this route with their draught bottles and find it confusing as to how they could let their product go off the shelf in this manner.

Is anyone else at least a little perturbed?? I really don't like my beer in a can.
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