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Message Subject how many writers do we have in the house?
Poster Handle acegotflows
Post Content
I write my thoughts in essay form, blog form, rap form, and poetry.

I remember writing most of this while after working at a show a month ago. Just some poetry stuff. I had no particular woman in mind when I wrote it.

I don't know if being one step away from life is inspiration
or infiltration of thoughts of a mental patient
life is finally making sense
even if it's 2 cents at a time
opinions- waking influences that are really
taking innocence and turning it into a penitentiary
if it's not good enough for you
What the hell does that mean for me?
Seems like I'm selfish for coming out of my shell
but my living hell was chilling in that failed
image of what “role” men should be filling
Milled around trying to please females
who let others tell them why
they lived lies and still cry over it
I've licked the spilled milk that dripped
from the tit of the woman who still tries to fit society's quips
I've lipped the drip of how wet she'd get
knowing I didn't judge
out of love
And I've been kicked out because love can't overcome
harm done from taking it out on the wrong one
I didn't make your unrealistic expectations
I simply was a distraction
from the fact
That those thoughts were fake
and the fact we can't relate
shows how real the heat is at Hell's gate
Yeah I know you're hot under the collar – burning up
while I'm on the hot seat from not earning enough
I'm a nice guy, but an ass because I'm stubborn-
Capricorn loving
not versed in Zodiacs but know all about jive chucking
sucking at what you deem as success
but knowing I'm not who I was – BLESSED
But you still hold that guy close to chest
yes I miss your breasts caressed against me sleeping
but the fact is you don't
acknowledge the fact we aren't the same people
we used to be
I used to to have such a hard time expressing
because I never felt good enough
even after I had your legs twitching
spine twisting after sexing without the wood touch
just tongue and massages, but first talks of knowledge
I'm still that same dreamer from college
but I'm honest enough to know
dreams are usually cryptic raw S***
What it means to me might be mean to you
because I'm willing to go without doesn't mean
that I'm not missing every bit of you
But I know better...
To you a go getter is a “stable” job
To me that's shoveling shit to keep problems you can't solve
Repetitive equations, sedatives and enslavement
to pay debts to institutions
whose goals are to get you to use u'r spirit to pay rent
If my views are bent, it's only because you twisted
my words against me and thought I missed it
So while you were thinking MRS.
that pitch still misses the zone
I'm on strike until that contract's redrawn...
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