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Message Subject how many writers do we have in the house?
Poster Handle P.S. Power
Post Content
Are you making a living off the writing or keeping the day job at this point?

How did you get started, outside of having a product of course.
 Quoting: Lada D

I don't know if this is directed toward me, but I'll answer anyway, just for grins.

I do make a living off of writing and have for about a year. All of my work is self published, since I don't have the patience to wait eight years to prove myself to a slush pile reader before I'm allowed to do anything.

Really, in the modern age of writing, it seems to be coming down to being good, fast and able to respond to what your audience wants.

I've found self promotion to be wasted time. Some people claim that it works, but I think that in the end time is better spent on new stories.

They do have to be good, of course and people get picky on editing issues! So that's something to keep in mind, but a good team of friends going over your work tends to be about as useful as a team of hired editors.

I don't know what other peoples experiences are, but that's what I've been doing so far and it works pretty well.

I'm still new at this,having only been writing for about two years, so I have a lot to learn on the industry side of things, but so far so good.
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