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High-tech aliens of Nibiru are Fallen Angels of Bible

Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2012 06:41 PM
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High-tech aliens of Nibiru are Fallen Angels of Bible
Here's the kicker: So-called "global warming" is actually heat coming from the Earth core exuding from the "birth canal" in Antarctica -- hence the melting of the permafrost and warming of the sea. The author says it will increase and lead to ever more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, super storms, and what-not.

What will happen is that when the core is birthed, it is likely that most of us will die, because when the core is ejected, almost all surface structures will cave in. But most native peoples are okay with death as part of a natural cycle; and they know that death is "the kiln of God" in which we are perfected for our next life.

He says at some point -- very close to the end, when we're almost ready for the transition to the Fifth World -- there will be those who offer us a "way out" by offering to take us into a new Time zone. I understand this like there's a human-looking group (probably aliens) who will tell us that the world is going to end and that we should come with them to another world full of wondrous technology and amazing beauty; they'll also offer us that we can prolong our lives to hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

BUT, he says, if we let them lure us into their snare and go with them, we will break the covenant with the Creator, who tells us that only when we stay with Mother Earth will we be able to evolve from one stage to the next and become completed, perfected beings. Thus, by going with the "aliens," we'll disrupt this evolution and remove ourselves from it, ending up in a dark place and in a vicious cycle of devolution, moving farther and farther away from God.

He says these "aliens" are actually the fallen angels -- which are nothing but the (human?) beings from former worlds who broke their covenant with God and left the Earth Mother instead of going through the Fifth World transition with her. They are condemned to live in darkness (Hell) and have over time devolved to really nasty beings. On the other hand, those who have stuck with their own Earth Mothers during the transition and have emerged in the Fifth World-Heaven are now what we would call "angels" or "spirit guides," helping the younger planets and their populations to evolve like they did before them.

I found that explanation fascinating. So, basically the gist is, don't leave your Earth Mother, stay with her, no matter what anyone promises you or how much they try to instill fear in you. Don't leave for another Time or space and don't listen to the evil ones -- then you'll be fine even though you may die first, before you'll find yourself in your new, perfected body and the New Heaven.

I always thought survival was overrated. :D