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Message Subject The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is the Anti-Christ, beyond any possible doubt
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let's check just the facts:

- On November 22, 2012, a Thusrday, someone discovered about the so called "Lunation Number" used by the scientific community to number the cycles of the Moon, and was very excited by this and by some strange coincidences about Lunation cycle number 1111, and started to post about it on GLP.

- This person kept posting about it on November 23, a Friday.

- Until around this time, this person who was posting about Lunation numbers didn't make any mention to the name of Jack Dorsey

- A little after midnight of November 24, a Saturday, someone with IP adress went to the article about Jack Dorsey in the english version of Wikipedia and made a very poor attempt to hide the fact that Jack Dorsey was born on November 19, 1976.

- A few hours after this change in the article, the person who was researching about Lunation numbers was curious about who was born on Lunation cycle number 666, and decided to check it. After checking that lunation cycle 666 was in November 1976, this person went into the article on Wikipedia about the year 1976, to check who was born in November 1976, and discovered that the founder of Twitter was born in that month.

This is very odd...

It clearly looks like someone has seen the posts about "Lunation number" on GLP, and panicked, and was very afraid that someone could realize that the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was born on lunation number 666, even if the posts on GLP until that time didn't mention Jack Dorsey.

This panicked person made a desperate attempt to hide the real date of birth of Jack Dorsey, but failed to change article about the year 1976.

This person used the IP address, that be traced using this website:

[link to www.maxmind.com]

According to that website, IP address belongs to someone who lives in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA, and has the company Road Runner as ISP.

Something is really up....


- Someone really tried to hide the date of birth of Jack Dorsey, just because there was some research going on about "Lunation cycle numbers" in a conspiracy website.

- The guy, Jack Dorsey, not only was really born on lunation cycle number 666, but also has a name hat adds up to 666 in the English Gematria system, according to this Gematria calculator: [link to www.gematrix.org]

- They guy is founder of the second most used "social network" in the world, Twitter, that is only surpassed by Facebook in number of users. Twitter is used by people who share in real time what they are doing. Twitter was considered an important part of Obama's campaign in 2008, helping to elect him. Twitter was an important part of the "Arab spring" revolutions in 2011.

- This same guy created a company called "Square", that consists in a payment system using smartphones. Reminds of the Book of Revelation talking that "nobody can buy or sell without the mark".

- Mainstream media is usually very silent about Jack Dorsey, who is usually kept "in the shadows", in a sharp contrast with Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, who are always mentioned by the mainstream media

Something is not right here...
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