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Message Subject HOW can you possibly believe in December 21, 2012 when there is no SHED of proof of anything happening on that day...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seriously, how can you believe in it because there is ultimately NO PROOF of ANYTHING on this day.

I don't give a fuck about the Mayans and what they "predicted". There is just NO way on EARTH that any human being on this planet, even the "great" Jesus can predict such a date.

How the fuck were these tards able to predict something happening on that day, yet with ALL of our technology and only a month away, we still can't see anything.

Come on folks, grow up. There is absolutely NOT A SINGLE SHRED OF SCIENTIFIC proof that anything significant is happening that day.

 Quoting: Cartman2012

Well you in for the suprise of your life,
I hope you have made sure you family will be with you on the day,

major stuff will happen.SCIENTIFIC stuff won't matter on this day, were moving out of that zone and into a new vibration. just heart stuff now.
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