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Message Subject Ugandan president repents of personal, national sins
Poster Handle Carshy McCarsh
Post Content

Is that what a real leader looks like?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23781418

It's called scam to bring in Jesus money.
 Quoting: New Age Messiah

It is what we need to do in America which has been brought down by people LIKE YOU! Repentance is the first step to Redemption!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7511320

If all the churches aren't burned then there is no hope.

Which we all know there is no hope.

Why? You liked the lie better than the truth.


You're a luddite imbecile.
 Quoting: Die AFCME Luddite 1351603

After we're gone, I have no doubt you'll burn all the churches, just like the Muslims blew up the Buddahs in the 'stan, and like the Conquistadors burned the Mayan libraries.

Anti-spiritual savages.
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