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Subject Traditional native people do not fear Death
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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When we say "Earth/Land and Life are One," we are saying many things. One of these things is that the Earth (as all of Creation) is Body/Form AND Life/Spirit. . . . Life and Death are also one, and aspects of our Earth Mother. Traditional native people do not fear Death. These are not empty words! Native people respect death as they respect life. As long as we remain within the Womb of the Earth -- Her Body and Her own great Soul and Spirit -- we abide within God's design of life, death, and the evolutionary process progressing us toward our perfected life.


Our Earth is next in line to ascend to the highest position of our sun system where those who remain with Her will receive their perfected forms. Our World will then become a paradise beyond what we can presently imagine: a world of great beauty where all life lives together in peace without suffering or struggle, the completion of a journey we have been upon for many ages with our Earth Mother. In our completed, eternal-heavenly bodies, our Mother will release greater knowledge and power to us with which to serve God as guardians of the life evolving upon the younger worlds of ours and other systems.

Every good thought and action in life bears its fruit in time. A good person's grave is the doorway to eternal life in the Fifth World, as he/she resurrects, is reborn from lifetime to lifetime (between lifetimes held within the Earth's Heart, the Life Field/Soul of the Earth), ever striving toward our home in the orbit of the Morning Star. With this knowledge in our thoughts, in joyful anticipation, we can be strengthened to endure the tribulations of our Earth's labor pains and worldly turmoil in the days ahead. This is not a time for us to be fearful -- even of death while we hold fast to our world -- but to look forward to the fulfillment of God's purpose for us which is now occurring upon the Earth.
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