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I see it, but I think it is a stretch. I see similar things when staring at wal textures...
 Quoting: Mycelium

Haha, there was wallpaper in my bathroom as a child that when stared at for a short time would pop out like 3D. It was wild.
 Quoting: jonas773

LOL. Ahh yes, I've heard that people see it in clouds too.

Because its an art form, some people are not accustomed to using the creative side of their brain to understand what's there.

If you have a little patience, you'll see it.

You'll discover some interesting things in common to the images.

They are all monuments that correspond to ancient legend.

Very seldom is it a single portrait; it always involves more than one character to explain the story.

Every image is created in a multiple of three when measured.
They are all perfectly proportioned.

Don't give up. You can teach your eyes to see.

I teach this to groups of people in Sacred Geology class. No one walks away without understanding what's here.
Admittedly, its going to be more difficult on the internet,
but that won't stop me from teaching it.

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