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Poster Handle jonas773
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If you see it, it's amazing.
If you don't, hold on, and just give yourself a minute.
Check out this Youtube video.

The YouTube video switches back and forth between the GoogleEarth photo and the Photoshopped version.
I designed it to help people "see."

[link to youtu.be]
Watch it on full screen.

 Quoting: Elizabeth 28387702

This is great work - thankyou! May I suggest adding which planet, country or mountain range is being shown for each picture. I really appreciate the Photoshopped version superimposed over the natural landscape. Excellent.

Do you know of the clear South/Central American head showing up on Google Earth in southern Alberta Canada?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28390436

I've never seen that, find and link?
 Quoting: jonas773

Here's one view:
[link to www.flyparamotor.com]

Just type in "indian head google earth alberta" if you'd like to see more. Apparently the "earbud" is a gas well site with the "wire" being the road into the area.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28390436

Wow... very cool and thank you!

I was always interested in the Egyptian heads on Mars... so clear! And then you have to start thinking that maybe people did create such huge portraits in the landscape during a different technological time... and that our smaller statues and works (Nazca) were efforts made after some sort of solar system wide collapse... eventually developing into our modern forms... megalithic art and statues are very common on Earth, though not to these scales. Although there may have been giants then ;) sorry about spelling and punctuation. Driving.
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