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Poster Handle Sir Griffo
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Ok here's a really EASY ONE.

Remember the Locust from Book of Revelations?
Standing like horses ready for battle,
with breastplates of iron and tails like scorpions?

Anybody who can't see this one, maybe the rope is a good idea.

[link to photos1.meetupstatic.com]
 Quoting: Elizabeth 28387702

Sorry hun, but this is the biggest case of straw grasping I have ever seen... I saw a ant colony that was the spitting image of Ronald Regan last week and the week before a rain puddle that was a perfect replica of the London underground map... Whilst I am one of the strongest advocates of a missing chapter in our ancient history and texts, I also truely believe our ancestors used sacred geometry in building monuments etc. Trying to convince yourself our landscapes fit an image that is locked in your head is bordering on insanity, although can be quite a creative exercise.. Stand in your garden and look at the clouds for an hour.. I guarantee you will be able to find again every image you have ever found! It's how the human brain functions princess!!

Oh and welcome to GLP.. Enjoy the ride x
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