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Message Subject To prep or not to prep that is the question?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do you prep now? I think everyone does, they just don't call it that.

Do you attempt to frugally purchase items when they are on sale? If there's inflation, and the value of your currency declines, and the cost of items increase, and the portion sizes get smaller and smaller, then is it not wisdom to buy things to store as long as you rotate? That's prepping.

Do you have certain skills that make your life easier? Do you know enough about them that you teach them to your children or family or friends? That's prepping.

Do you raise your own food either by growing crops or raising animals? That's prepping.

Do you hunt, trap, or fish to put food on the table. That's prepping.

Do you have ranged weapons to defend yourself? Have you taken lessons? Can you clean them? Have you taken hand-to-hand offense/defensive training? Do you continue to practice? That's prepping.

Are you at home in the woods and meadows? Can you collect plants that you need or water? Do you know the names of the trees and their uses? Can you find many herbs to heal in the meadows? That's prepping.

Preparedness is easy to do in various stages. The more you know, the more you amass wealth as defined as an abundance of supplies, property, or marketable skills.

Do practical things to enhance your life in order to live abundantly, not fearfully. Then when disaster strikes (loss of employment, separation, divorce, hurricane, earthquake, thunderstorm, drought, flooding, tornado, death of a spouse, illness, etc) then you can cope easier. Those items of wealth as listed above will help sustain you. Spiritual beliefs will too. So will learning, wisdom, and critical thinking.

The other kinds of disasters are lengthy continuations of disastrous events like conflict, riots, severe racism, disease, contagion. This is what I call “SHTF” events.

When things get worse, then we have events like plague, war, an EMP event, a severe nuclear leak like Fukushima, the Great Depression, the mini-Ice Age in medieval times, the Black Death, that could cause a “societal collapse”.

Worse things could happen where multifactorial events. This can leave to TEOTWAWKI. An EMP could potentially do that for a long time. So could nuclear war. So could severe pole shift. So could a change in global temperature and flooding.

What's most likely? A disaster is of course. Focusing on these very likely events is way easier to prepare for. Luckily for us, knowing skills, having supplies, and see will mean an ability to adapt.

A good can-do attitude, calmness, listening, teaching, leadership, being able to follow, these are some of the best skills and coping strategies.

The way our ancestors coped on a day-to-day basis was by living in communities of like-minded people. They didn't "prep" they lived frugally and practically. Most people today cannot live by themselves because they have less skills than a caveman. They have devolved.
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