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Message Subject To prep or not to prep that is the question?
Poster Handle Alexander
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What I did. Not included on the list is the solar and wind generator along with a year supply of food in food grade containers for long term storage. We also have one of those hand-held short-wave radios for when communications are down.

Basic essentials dealing with power outages
Thread: When the lights go out

20lb bags of rice, beans (variety), sugar, flour, oatmeal, powder milk, etc kept stored in sealed lock dog food plastic containers. Tea and coffee.

Canned soup, pasta, meat (fish, chicken, beef, pork), dehydrated soups, ramen, vegetables and fruit.

Peanut butter, jelly (assorted) and pancake mix (to make sandwiches with). It's easy to make syrup out of equal parts boiling water and brown sugar.

Also be sure to have TP, bleach, baking soda for cleaning (including toothpaste) and dry food for pets.

Grow herbs (rosemary, thyme, chives, etc.) on kitchen counter in small pots. Lettuce and spinach can be grown using indoor containers and sunny window.

I saw where one person had everything stored under the bed in an apartment along with water. The platform bed is raised and the 5 gallon containers formed the sides, bottle water and essentials stored in the center. Bedskirt hides the containers. A sheet of plywood could rest on the top of the containers but a raised platform bed works best for this type of storage system.
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