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Message Subject To prep or not to prep that is the question?
Poster Handle Indego
Post Content
Why prep buying craploads of food and supplies just so that O can impose his bill when he wants too and send his minions to your door to take it all...They are going to see to it you starve to death anyway so why bother loading up so they can take it away. Spend the money you have now and make memories with your family.
Ask yourself this. Why would one of the most recent bills paased include that they can confiscate your food, water, vehicles, homes, cash, ect ect...if they didnt have an agenda in mind. They arent getting
crapoff me!! They get enough. Come rapture time Im outtaaaaa here so I have no need to hoard. All my treasures are laid up in heaven where they cannot rust!
 Quoting: Little Miss Sunshine

Oh you poor feeble minded fool... You take the sciptures literally only when it suits your purpose. And fro the sounds of it you're also a bigot so your right about one thing you should prep ... It's creative like you and your closed minded way if thinking that need be washed clean from the planet with all their nullshit and lies...
Any other realistic plausible answers ... Post or shut your ignorantance it's been prophated ti it's death ... Think about you don't even believe inthe bible unless it suits your needs so fuck off and don't prep and definitely tell thepeople you're with not to ... The world would be a better place without you close minded fools
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