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Message Subject To prep or not to prep that is the question?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It always amazes me how delusional some people are. Not a clue or clueless as to what its going to be like after a Pole Shift cause thats whats coming.

Better just to worry about survival for the first couple of years. Water. Shelter and food in that order.

Pole Shift Ning site without a doubt has to be the most informative site as to where the safe zones will be and what you will need and what to do to survive.

I don't give a shit that they have thrown into the mix Planet X. Thats redundant. Pole Shifts have happened before and we are on the verge of one right now. The poles have migrated 40 degrees for what ever reason that caused it and thats the RED ZONE. The tipping point. Were there already.

Just get ready to survive with a solid plan somwhere safe for a couple of years and then you can rebuild all your industrial disease as you please.

I f your not part of a group already with a plan in place its just about to late in the game. Most people have already waited far too long to start. Years behind some of us. Just waking up too it now well I think your shit out of luck unless you pull it together starting right now.
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