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Subject i need her
Poster Handle ka
Post Content
so, try as i may to do this without saying as much, it seems i have no other option but to say out loud what i have been feeling since i wrote last.

i need my muse, i need the woman who brings out in me what has been hiding behind my sadness and melancholy.

i know she is out there, i can feel her, and i dream about her, but it seems every time i meet someone there is a small amount of time that things are good and i am hopeful, but then reality crashes down and i have to see my reflection for what it is.

im tired of being a fly on the wall on this site, i know she is here and i have not met her yet, so i am calling her out.

i have one night, then its back to hell, so if you are reading this, thank you for your time.
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