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Message Subject i need her
Poster Handle 141
Post Content
so, try as i may to do this without saying as much, it seems i have no other option but to say out loud what i have been feeling since i wrote last.

i need my muse, i need the woman who brings out in me what has been hiding behind my sadness and melancholy.

i know she is out there, i can feel her, and i dream about her, but it seems every time i meet someone there is a small amount of time that things are good and i am hopeful, but then reality crashes down and i have to see my reflection for what it is.

im tired of being a fly on the wall on this site, i know she is here and i have not met her yet, so i am calling her out.

i have one night, then its back to hell, so if you are reading this, thank you for your time.
 Quoting: ka 28410370

You'll find her
Perhaps in the meantime, dive into that sadness and melancholy
Go deeper
Find something there which takes you further
Makes sense
Share it from your heart
Might just be usefull to others as well
And perhaps it will even speed up the process of finding her

Lots of love to you
May your heart shine
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