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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I read somewhere that this has to do with earths magnetic field along with magnetic storms. And yes it is constant - louder during flares and CMEs.
 Quoting: Alexander

Drunvalo Melchizedek said that on Coast to coast the other night.

I don't buy it. He is nothing but doom and gloom.
 Quoting: calin

I beg to differ, he reassures us that because we are part of the ONE unified field, that we will all make it to the next level of consciousness where there will be no conflict. I heard him say the ear ringing is in part due to the increase in the earth's Schumann Resonance that has risen from 7 something to 13 something and may even be higher now. TPTB have had ALL the data documenting this removed from ALL public record.

Here's the thing though, when we advance out of this level of consciousness you want to be able to have pure and loving thoughts because in the level we are going to, your thoughts will manifest instantly. So if you have a lot of fear you may wind up in a level that matches that. Its kind of like you have some choice as to what the nature of your next level of consciousness can/will be. That might be something to think about. The best way I know of to clear your field of fear is to confront and pull up and purge all your repressed emotions (that place we are afraid to go........one must go there, face it and move through it. You can do this in a good course of therapy if you not a master meditator (which most of the population is not, IMO) (I changed this last sentence in an update)

You want to develop some mastery over your limbic system. (that part of the brain goes instantly into fear mode even around non-life threatening events.
 Quoting: Isis One

From what I've come to know & understand, polarization is key. Currently we live in a Dark/Negative polarized 3D world,in the dimensional bump up to 4th whatever polarization we are in will continue in 4th dimension. That is why TPTB are trying so hard to create 'FEAR'(Negative energy) around the world right now, so we all get stuck again in Darkness. That's my thoughts anyway...
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