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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i found this website, this exactly describes the phenomenom here. it even just a sample of the "sonic flash" and what it sounds like, and it roughly sounds like it

[link to in2worlds.net]

I would say the sample that they have was closer to the weaker sonic flashes, not like last nights. Last nights had this crazy intense pressure, i was like whoa this is serious.

also someone else mentioned that they since this has happened, they have been able to hear "frequencies" of things people dont normally hear, like frequencies emitted by electronics.

This just happened to me in the last couple weeks, at first i thought it was just because i had a headache or something, but i kept hearing this weird high pitched frequency beeping in my room (i had never heard it before) for days .

it turned out my laptop was making this noise somehow because it was recharging, and it never does this. Now im not sure if laptops do this, and this laptop is only a year old, none of my other laptops have done this.

The story gets weirder , because just a couple days ago i heard the beeping again but the laptop was unplugged. it was making these weird high pitch frequency again, and as I experimented with the laptop it turned out it made this frequency noise as I made computations on it and it processed information. As of this moment I had to distance this infernal beeping as far away as possible in the closet.

Im going to start asking people if they can hear this, maybe my laptop is just really crappy haha (its an acer aspire one, and as I said, is less than a year old)

It really would be alot more interesting though, if like my hearing is being upgraded or something, haha.

dare i say does this all relate to dec.21.2012 and this whole idea of some kind of new evolution of humanity
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