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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Word of God, the Son, Divine Mother and the Holy Ghosts/Spirits?..

Can"t find that old link but this one will do:

"“The Cosmic Energy, or Vibration, … has a voice of Cosmic Sound which is called Amen by Christians or Om by Hindus. This Amen is the faithful witness in the beginning of creation — that is, all vibrating creation is accompanied by the Cosmic Sound of Amen or Om or the Word or Holy Ghost, which is the first vibrating manifestation of God.”

[link to the2012scenario.com]

Ringing especially in right ears usually begging you to meditates as you wishes before entering 3rd dimension solid forms - true.

Those who meditates on purpose or not whichever that be and get ringing in right eas also begging you to rmeditates. be still.
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