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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

and, forgot this....maybe someone can explain the blue light i've been seeing both in my mind's eye and also w/my eyeballs. sometimes it is a pinpoint and other times it's bigger. this has been happening for a yr or so.

it comes out of no where...unexpected but very noticeable yet subtle.

i have ideas but still...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8131760

If you have had a visit to your ophthalmologist and have been cleared of any physical issues that this may be, then ... WOW!
 Quoting: calin

my eyes are fine. this is something else. something akin to my soul or God, I believe. the blue pearl perhaps. but this usually comes to ones who are much higher than moi. i am nothing really. at least thats how i feel..no more special than anyone else. so then from whence or where and what for am i seeing this?! i feel it is very profound.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8131760

Being humble puts you way up there - if you know what I mean - you sound very humble to me.
 Quoting: Keep Smiling

thank you...i do. y'know we are all special. the fact that we are here is testament to that. we are being thought about by the thinker.

it's frustrating though when you realize certain things. to get closer is the goal, is it not? there are so many who don't realize this.

my daughter dreams things as do i...now she's special (yes i'm biased...wink) she is though.

recently, she had a dream about me being the 'leader' of a bunch of children who were a bit scruffy looking like those in mm beyond thuderdome. she said they were a bit soiled and had blonde hair. there was a lady a bad lady who was chasing us so that she could steal our magic. we had powerful magic. but i wouldn't let her get us and that i gathered all of the children (about 10-15 of them) in my arms at once and protected them.

this is in line w/a dream i had a few nights before her's where there was this blonde haired, dirty, child who was making lots of noise in a bed. he was making too much commotion so i went to him and put my finger over my mouth and said with my mind loudly, shhhhh.....

"the keeper of children"
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