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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
I only started meditating just this year so I very much consider myself a 'novice', hehe.

Sounds like you are getting some good guidance from your intuition! : )

Humbleness is a prerequisite to being true to one's True Self
In here there lies the correct balance between self and not-self, between ego and empowerment, between infinity and now

inside you, there is a divine spark (spiritual atom) which slowly evolved in consciousness through all stages of universe until where you are now. you have been stones for an eternity (from current perspective), the stone in you is your bones. You have been plants for eternity. then you have been animals for eternity. and then you have been human for at least ages.

in a life time all the past experience of the universe, which is also the objective experience of your spiritual atom, which is indeed a part of the All, is experienced from an upper perspective of consciousness, condensed in a subjective time frame that is a fractalic correspondence of all past (micro/macro, as in heaven so below).

and if you add future into the picture, the you can understand how matter (past) and spirit (future) are harmonized and witnessed in the soul/counsciousness (now).

and yet, all these concepts (past, future, soul etc) are just limited perceptions of a certain stage in the evolution of consciousness (the abstract/mental level)

and we are just passing a threshold in the evolution of that being which is called humanity, of that being which is called gaia.

so rest assured. you might be a 'novice' compared to infinity, we all are.
but as a 'human' you meditated for ages so as to have these experiences now :)

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