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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
Progressively my sight is changing, I see things differently, not better or worse... everything just looks different. The way trees move in the wind, the way light is reflecting off of surfaces, especially water.
 Quoting: jonas773

you are experiencing 4D in seeing things in this perspective. some things are more fluid like and the energy aves are visable more frequently. The shift is happening and your higher self is enabling you momental glimpses to prepare you so that you arent freaked out and held back from your evoloution by 'fear'. hf
 Quoting: Nicolemare

an elementary statement of spiritual fact, pertaining to what is happening :)

higher self is doing its job on the inside.
and brothers and sisters who already get rid of 'fear' and are firmly grounded in the new evolutionary current, hold their hands together, and offer reassurance of what is happening

glad you are here

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