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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
About 4-5 years ago I began doing a lot of chakra meditation, and this ringing began around that time. I always experience it on some level, though I can ignore it so that it doesn't interfere with daily life.

On a handful of occasions I have experienced that which I've bolded from your post. It is incredible, like an inner orchestra of frequencies.. A beautiful melody, one that I really can't find the proper words to describe.

You seem to know a lot more than I do about this.. Do you have any tips or techniques as to how to replicate this experience? I attempt to "hear" it every night by focusing on the ringing, and yet it very rarely becomes the melodious "music." I've tried various things and have yet to figure it out - there also seems to be very little info about it on the internet.

5* and +1 for the thread, OP.

 Quoting: Ms.Magoo

maybe you just love music :)
the heart center is essential to become fully grounded in and aware of. the 'music' in the head is secondary, but it is a sign that the moment of awakening the heart center is at hand.

chakra mediation techniques that are spread today, are from atlantean times, when the point was to calibrate the emotional body.

now the battleground was/is the mental abstract realm. dissolving the polarities of mind through Understanding.
once you start to hear that ringing, it is a sign that your conscious awareness has been unblocked from the mental realm.
and you can move it for real in the heart center, which is the seat of the soul.
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