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Message Subject ~The world wide Ringing ears phenomenon~
Poster Handle Merci
Post Content
A doctor told my Mother hers was called tinnitus and was caused by her losing her hearing. She is elderly.

As loud as she listens to the television, I think he is right at least in her situation. She got a hearing aide last week and actually can hear people talking now when they are not looking right at her.

She says without the hearing aide it seems as if the voices are muffled or under water.

Now I have the best hearing in the world. I can hear electronics humming on mute.

I have had the ear ringing periodically for several years. This type that is being described here is either in one ear or the other. I have never heard both ears are effected at once.

I am told that ear ringing in one ear at a time is our guides speaking to us.
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