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Message Subject I Am Having A Bad Day
Poster Handle KoFFee_
Post Content
I'm really sorry to hear this, tiger1.

18 months after losing my husband, I lost my sister. She was best friend and confidant.

It was grief on top of grief.

The passing of time does heal the wound your heart receives when a loved one is taken away, but a scar always remains.

I thought I was completely over the emotion of my husband gone, but even after 7 years I found myself in tears again just recently.

Jesus was/is my strength during the times I felt truly alone. The love of good friends was soothing for my soul, too,
and I'm eternally grateful for those who offered an ear to listen and a shoulder for me to cry on.

I pray that you will receive the same.

God's Peace be with you and may His Holy Spirit bring you comfort.

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