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Message Subject I Am Having A Bad Day
Poster Handle tiger1
Post Content
One more. Judy was the founder of an anti-pollution group in our neighborhood called Residents Against Pollution(RAP). I was the spokesperson for the group. I am a media person, live cable TV, radio, print, public speaking, etc, a regular rabble rouser. Judy was quiet and studious. We were fighting a company that wanted to bring in PCB laden transformers into our neighborhood, to an adjacent industrial site, and drain them. We fought them, and won, but the battle was interesting. We were followed(I lost the tail every time), had our garbage picked through, people would be around my house with walkie talkies. It was crazy ! To dissuade the company garbage pickers, I made sure that all of my garbage bags had at least SOME used cat litter in them(I had 3 cats). I announced live on the air on my cable show, that from now on, that I hope the company goons enjoy playing with the used cat litter in all of my garbage bags ! As soon as I got home from the studio, Judy and her Mom both called me, and were literally roaring with laughter ! They asked me to drop off some used cat litter in THEIR garbage can. The company goons quit going through our garbage cans soon after this.
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