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Message Subject I Am Having A Bad Day
Poster Handle tiger1
Post Content
Here is a really funny memory of Judy. She used to just laugh like crazy at my exploits, but one in particular took the cake. It was in 1986. At that time, in our neighborhood, we had problems with packs of loose dogs rampaging through the neighborhood, and attacking pets and sometimes people. We just come back from a meeting, and I was going down the street to go to her house around the corner. As I get to the intersection, I saw 4 big dogs attacking a man walking down the street. I tried running over those mongrels with my caddy, and was honking the horn, but they wouldn't budge. I told Judy to stay in the car, as I hobbled out( I had been hurt at work, and was using a cane until I was healed). I hobbled over to that poor guy, and whacked those freggin dogs with my cane. The dogs retreated. Judy told me later, that I was swinging that cane like a windmill ! The man was not hurt, except for some scratches and bruising. He got lucky ! When I hobbled back to my car, Judy was doubled over, holding her stomach, and had tears pouring down her face ! She was laughing so hard, she was in pain. When she finally composed herself, and could talk, I asked her what was so funny? She said that you had to be on the outside looking at this whole scene. This big grown man was saved by a little crippled(at the time)woman swinging a cane like a ninja warrior ! LOL !!!
 Quoting: tiger1

Wonderful memories!

And, stranger on the internet and all, I'm sorry for your loss. It will take time to heal and you'll always miss her(the scar tissue metaphor really applies here) but through these sweet memories she will live on.

hf grouphug
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28505549

Thank you !
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