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Message Subject Over 7 million homeless pets a year, and we still BUY pets?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its going to get bad for all those pets in a shtf event. most people have no spine. They will turn them loose as they think this will be a solution. I operated a kennel for years. I also raised German Shepherds. The nice long haired varieity. Beauties and big. I quit breeding a couple of years ago as I saw this SHTF event starting to shape up. I was always careful whom the dogs went to. Mostly acreage and never renters. Never renters.

Lots of my dogs are older now. I have five that are 12 and really showing their age. Lumps and bumps and arthritis and alike. Some need help onto the couch now and into the truck.

I have the vet coming next week and I've decided that better sooner than later. They are already kind of uncomfortable and I don't want to wait till I have to do it in haste. I would rather do it quiet and peaceful like than have to go get a gun.

I have three younger ones I'll be keeping but have a plan if need be. I think anybody with a pet better dummy up and think about what they would do in an emergency or SHTF event. Its not fair to them to put them thru and drag them around in less than ideal conditions just because we can't find the balls to dummy up and do right by them. Most people won't even think about it till its too late and then they will fuck it up because of that. I see alot of pets dieing in very bad ways at the hands of their owners cause they were to stupid to deal with it and think about it before hand.
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