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Message Subject Over 7 million homeless pets a year, and we still BUY pets?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We live out in the country, so drop offs happen a lot out here. One was a large mix that just looked like it would rip you a new one but was very well tempered. One of our daughters took it to her house in the city to protect her family; great dog with her kids and she takes it on walks to show she has him. Neighborhood punks steer clear of her house and the houses on either side.

Our 3 current drop offs: Golden retriver, a really odd looking large terrier shepard mix and a cat that eats whatever the dogs eat.

Do not understand why they were left out here; they are great company, very loving and at over 95 lbs each for the dogs are a frightening site out in the yard. We spend about 60 dollars monthly for Costco dogfood to feed them which is not much for the pleasure and protection they give.

As a plus we never have to prewash anything that goes into the dishwasher. The dogs happily clean whatever I cook and the cat lends a hand with certain scraps.
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