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Message Subject Over 7 million homeless pets a year, and we still BUY pets?!
Poster Handle Chip
Post Content

Better not walk then. The millions of single celled "God's creations" are dying with every step.

The shit you asshats post is utterly idiotic.
 Quoting: Chip

you are the definition of why our world is in the state it is - soul-less creature that you are.
 Quoting: Shamar

Listen to George and learn ~RIP George

 Quoting: Chip

oh yeah, that has everything to do with the OP.....scratching
 Quoting: Shamar

Are you really that stupid? You can't be. There are too many fucking pet type animals. You animal loving freaks have caused this problem. Solve the problem and save starving people. Put the adoptable "pets" into the food market.

George is talking about asshats just like you. That was the relevance. Dumbass.
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