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Message Subject Human survivability with supply chain disruptions and its effect on populations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The entire East coast is doomed in a full stop of supply.

With the concentrated traffic and car accidents many people will be heading west on foot.

It would take 6 months before the people got together in rag tag communes.

The first couple of months would be the height of chaos, rape, murder.

Let's not forget the cruel winters and sudden drought.

In a rolling backout of supply scenario. Those closest to city centers would be dead first and those on the out skirts would have a much better time.

Trucks would be ambushed for supply's. Rail yards would become the new airport with supply's coming in body's going out.

Military and police forces will patrol and escort supply routes with police dogs patrolling gated community's.

Many farmers will loose their land by force and the land will be compounded into a single large farm land run by corporation's.

Hunger is a weapon.

The secondary weapons are germs.

Without supply's metropolitan areas will become breeding grounds for lethal biological agents.

The perfect cover to release a virus.
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