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Message Subject Human survivability with supply chain disruptions and its effect on populations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I will give one piece of advice that is extremely important.

People will laugh but don't underestimate hos bad this addiction is.

Have enough coffee/caffeine to kick the habit if you drink cofee/coke/sports drinks/chocoloate.

I went cold turkey to stop , and the withdrawal symptoms will lay you out for over a week.

As bad as the flu, headaches sore throat, unable to sleep, muscle aches, so tired and lethargic you cannot move, depression, anxiety the list goes on. People have gone to ER due to caffeine withdrawals, and I can count the number of adults I know on one had who have no caffeine in their diet.

When I stopped caffeine, and I only consumed a pretty small amount of caffeine it was pure hell.
The first couple of days your fine, then the headache hits, the headache doesn't last long and is not too bad but after 3 or 4 days the real withdrawal symptoms hit.

Like having a real bad dose of the flu. You can tell its the caffeine as if you want to make all the pain/tiredness/lethargy/sickness go away all you need to do is have a tiny amount of caffeine, like a single sip of coffee/energy drink and within 5 minutes everything is gone and you feel back to normal.

The muscle pains where so bad that my entire shoulder seized up and I couldn't move my arm above shoulder height.
This lasted for over a week.The pain was worse than when I came out of a coma with crushed legs in a motor cycle accident. Its very frighting.
Every step was an agonizing effort.

I have known people who try to quit cold turkey and cannot.
I have seen it almost break up marriages and when the person who tried to quit starts back up caffeine there marriage is perfect again.

don't go cold turkey, reduce the the dosage and ween yourself off.

Please make sure you have enough caffeine for you and others around you to safely come off it.
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