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Message Subject Human survivability with supply chain disruptions and its effect on populations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"I wanted to start a new topic, and I'd like it to be a serious discussion based on critical thinking, not opinion. I'm interested in supply chain disruptions and the long term effects of a decrease in population as a result of that disruption."

Based on my studies on famines/disasters around the world recent and through history this would not be enough to cause any significant decrease in population.

It would be hard going and a lot of poverty, but not a great effect on the population.

Nothing apart from a massive war on the scale never seen on American soil, a massive regional or an even bigger global disaster bigger than anything in recorded history that kills millions and devastates a truly huge area or a pandemic on an astounding scale will cause any significant reduction in population in America.

All other economic/drought scenarios although they can have a massive effect on society will not cause a significant reduction in population in America.

Could you explain why a supply chain disruption on such a massive scale, and the absence of enough food gathered locally, or even more to the point water...would not cause death? Do you think it's implausible?

Do you think the government would be able to control the supply chains and keep up the food and water supply and the infrastructure to support it? Why?

I'm curious because we just basically had a test of a small portion of the country with Hurricane Sandy. While the Hurricane affected a portion of the NE Atlantic Seaboard, the really tough section was a miniscule portion of that, and yet it took quite a bit of time to establish supply chains for there alone. So why would a bigger crisis over all of the country be easier? Not be facetious, promise.
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