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Message Subject Human survivability with supply chain disruptions and its effect on populations
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
I was speaking of urban areas where the bulk of the population would loot electronic devices first even if the power grid were out of commission.

Granted local police firemen might be used to commandeer supplies however if you have no activity or fires going they will not waste their efforts on your home whereby the jerks on your rod have those propane generators would appear to have supplies thus the risk is worth taking.

Firefighters and police will quickly realize that looters will take their uniforms to ransack unsuspecting civilians and they will become targets for those protecting their homes.

Many people who have homes also have wells and a well bucket will procure you all the water you need although a filtration system will be necessary.
 Quoting: SilverPatriot

Yes, I agree with you. In a collapse, the wrong items are looted, because a lot of people that would loot (and all people will eventually loot) them.

It's plausible that as society broke down for officials to be attacked, and it's a common scenario that imposters create checkpoints to steal supplies. Agree this will happen later in the scenario, perhaps as early as a week or two in the crisis.

Yes, I was reading about the Ogallala Aquifer specifically and also looking at wells of the USA in general. 15% of Americans have wells (according to the EPA) , so those folks won't be as affected, and are rural and less likely to see a horde...here's why I believe that to be logically true.

Since the Horde won't have much fuel, and as they move from their origin point to the next metro area, they'll hit congestion from those people departing.
Look at these maps:
[link to mapcollection.files.wordpress.com]
[link to www.mapofusa.net]
Now, both show what people in the Northeast are up against as they migrate away from urban centers to perceived safe zones. West (low population density, but drought) and South (warm climate and good growing season, but rednecks with high gun ownership per capita).

Your car has a effective range, and even if there's zero traffic, then you must refuel. However there will probably be limitations on travel; it's only logical, and so one could flee from one area and then be stuck in a new area.

Regardless, you can only take a limited amount of water in your vehicle due to cargo space and weight. Many people could die this way too of dehydration and starvation while in transit, or while sitting by the side of the road in Winter or trying to walk.

Walking on smooth pavement is not as hard, but harrowing under these conditions. The majority being obese and not used to physical activity would likely die from exposure and injury. Also physical activity of this nature requires higher caloric input (more food) and more hydration.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1110734

Your points are valid, one must evaluate the pros, and cons of leaving any area if you have a well and supplies it would be best to stay put instead of trying to reach your more remote location.

You have consider different scenarios especially in the northeast do you have enough warm clothing, wool blankets and n alternative heat source and can you purify your water.

You must dismiss any thought of rescue from he government as that will not happen and if you willingly submit, you become a useless eating prisoner.

Another erroneous mindset is that you need tons of guns, which will only give away your position when slingshots, crossbows and pistol crossbows will better serve you.

Being in shape is important we have two large dogs that we place backpacks on and hike although our elderly St. Bernard only carries an empty backpack these days the Anatolian Shepherd is a formable guardian and watchdog.

Most importantly, the hungry hordes will not be able to think clearly and if you doubt this imagine that you have not had proper nutrition and water for just a couple days your judgment will be desperate and way off the mark.
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