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Message Subject Human survivability with supply chain disruptions and its effect on populations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why have US government agencies, even normally benign ones purchased over a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition?

Is there any reasonable explanation why the Nation Weather Service would need this specialized ammunition?

Why so many rounds? It's more than enough to kill every citizen in the USA?

What are the concerned or even afraid will happen?

Has there ever been a time in history that a nation has armed government officials, not in a law enforcement capacity with weapons?

What are hollow point bullets for? They're not for hunting, not unless there's rhinos walking around the United States that I don't know about. While they could be used for hunting, they're designed to kill people with by expanding or deforming and NOT penetrating and causing collateral damage. In other words, when a bullet is fired, it has a velocity and a mass. The shape of the bullet and the velocity govern how it will strike the target. This kind is meant to strike and not pass through. This causes much more damage, bleeding, permanent wounding, and death.

What do you think would be a plausible reason? Don't just answer with wild theories.

Could it be that the US government fears a lot of enemies of some sort? It stands to reason logically. This particular kind of ammunition is not intended for target practice, and even if there was an extreme need for target practice, why so many rounds?

Who could be the enemies that they fear in such high numbers? While it's possible that they fear, say illegal aliens, there's not a billion of them in the USA (population 311,591,917 ). Illegal aliens are estimated to be 11 million, so a billion rounds would be rather excessive.

Wouldn't be game animals? What could it be? A invasion of the Chinese? Possible, they are numerous, but I doubt the entire population of China is coming, and even if so, why purchase ammunition for government officials instead of the military?

The only population of that amount currently in the US that comes close is out own population. More than 3 bullets for each person. It's deeply troubling. Are they anticipating riots so out of control that they'd need to open fire on men, women, and children?
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