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Message Subject Human survivability with supply chain disruptions and its effect on populations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Refugees that organize for good and for ill

Many people could be sojourners in these towns, especially if a dollar collapse happened in Winter. Imagine someone walking 20 miles in Winter. Not too many people have a lick of sense nowadays and dress properly. They assume that they won't need a cap and gloves, or a thick coat, or proper shoes...for they're just running a quick errand. The alternative is sleeping in an unheated vehicle and stranded. Even if they got a fire going outside, if it's the open, the wind would cut through them like a knife. Then they would be choosing between a hurried 20 mile walk in the cold or snow, versus all night in cold vehicle. No fun and mostly likely getting sick or frostbite in some cases.

The air is very dry in Winter due to low humidity. Most people wouldn't have any idea how to source water. They'd be entirely at the mercy of a local offering them water. And food? They're definitely not foraging in Winter and finding any amounts that would offset the calories burned.

Most likely this means organizing in a collapse. Some refugees would realize it was better to pool their resources by siphoning from their gas tank and into a reliable vehicle and taking a route that drops people off if returning to their home towns. Of course this means good social skills, networking, and communications. Many more people will be looking for public assistance.

Some good Samaritans are out there. There's always altruistic folks, often spiritual of one kind or another, often from a history of being poor and helping out someone in the same boat. A lot are patriots, or simply kind, and a few will give people lifts. With so much chaos, it's doubtful that anyone will chose to take the road as it's very uncertain what lies in store for them.

Others will take on a gang mentality. The most vocal will organize people to become a group and try to persuade local officials for water, bathrooms, shelter, food, etc. This is liable to cause great conflict. If officials don't help them, it will get out of hand. If they help them, they'll be stuck helping them. It's a no-win situation.

I really expect livestock to be slaughtered by folks who are packing weapons, and perhaps bugging out, for there's not really prime hunting in Winter. Animals have instinct and burrow underground in warm nests with food and water. They seldom are active unless they too are very hungry. Mostly this is a few rodents, and without a rifle or practice trapping, their best option is culling the herd of an animal or two. Taking someone's livestock in a collapse will probably result in severe violence to the perpetrator. See One Second After by Forstchen:
[link to www.onesecondafter.com]

There's strength in numbers, and many refugees will attempt to stay together in order to have some measure of safety. The flip-side is that once out of sight of other refugees, you may get robbed of what meager supplies you have. If a refugee party passes through a town, unless a specific group member has major skills in law enforcement, a soldier, a trapper, a doctor/nurse, an engineer, a farmer, etc then probably the locals will want you to keep moving. If one person in the party steals, then the whole group will get blamed for theft. Do you really want to be walking with them?

Bugging out is almost always a bad idea.

Next up: Some people are in transit at any time on the highway. What happens to them?
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