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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle Lion of judah
Post Content

I asked SOF111 about wht the 111 and 444 and 777 and 144 and 11:11 REALLY signify for a person utterly plagued by those numbers.(Myself)

He told me to email him but did not leave a place to email him at.

But if you can tell me in a simple coded word that I will know(You wil know what word that is becaise God will tell you) I will know you are legit.

But here is a hint.

Soon those who are "Marked" by those numbers will find out why and all end up in one place...12 times 12 millenium.

Can you give the word that will let me know that YOU know?

Because SOP111 KNEW..I KNEW he knew..so if HE knew and YOU vouch for him..the YOU will know as well.

I await your response.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17804062

There is others I will meet in my personage and they will be of the numbered 24,000. If thou knew meaning of why ye see 144. We see this number also often as a reminder of things to accomplish.

Wait until the day appointed if ye are to find the place ye will if not ye wont only those too shall and will be given the WORD in mouth as a sword on my behalf.

It it sacred therefore will not be posted on this forum the gathering is not yet and there is only 24,000 remaining of the tribes of Israel from the 144,000. The other 10 are hidden to return later.

I will tell you only one meaning 11:11 represents the four angels and four corners of beginning of the end.

How often have you seen the number 144. If you have to test me to know whom I am you have already failed, those numbered of the 24,000 which are of the 144,000 shall know me without me having to tell them or prove it.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth111 26530436

I was NOT testing you..thats why I didnt say on here what it meant.

It was for others to see..to let other know you are not mucking around.

The reason I KNEW you knew was because I KNEW that SOT111 KNEW..and he DIDNT tell me..because HE knew that I ALREADY knew.

And its obvious YOU knew as well.

So it was NOT a test for me because I already knew that you knew.

And I KNOW its sacred..which is why I dare not post EXATLY what it means either.

And Congrats (TO EVERYONE who thinks this bloke is a fraud)..YOU DID post the EXACT word I was TOLD you would post.

Be blessed mate..Cya soon.

12 times 12 millenium.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17866010
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